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TEKNO TAKES OVER (from Project X #18 1991)

There are many definitions of Techno. First off, let's start with the logical one. Techno refers to ''technology''. It's a kind of music produced exclusively through the use of computers, samplers, beat-boxes and drum-machines. There are many types of techno. You can find Agreppo, Eurobeat, and Hardouse tracks as well as fully electronic Space tracks. Today's Techno tracks are the most successful in current music.
This year, the techno revolution has grown at an ubelievable rate. So unbelievable, in fact, that by walking into most nightclubs catering to the hippest, coolest crowds you'll discover the effects of this groovy Techno-virus.
I predict that by Christmas, the slacking clubs which have not caught the virus will do so or vanish! There are some who willsay that Techno is just a fad and won't last, but my advice to them - ''Relax, dont be so tense. Let the music take control of your brain.'' It's true fads come and go, but rarely do fad come into music, Music has revolved since the beginning of human existence. 'Despite telecommunication advances, there hasn't been a time when an ''infection'' in dance music has reached so many so fast. The most recent infection was house music which took longer to gain popularity. People weren't so quick to recognize house music. Years ago, you' have to frequent clubs that catered to house, and those were scarce. But folks, things are happening Techno-fast these days- So here's some advice - Learn it!
Here are some Techno-pix. (beside text some logo: BIGOD 20, KONZEPT, ZOTH OMMOG, INSTINCT, LEATHER STRIP, SCOPE, DANCE 2 TRANCE, U-TEK, PORNOTANZ)

JOIN THE FUTURE by Tuff Little Unit, is a mellow track.
Warp Records can be heard in the most trendy of clubs. Eventually everyone will be shaking and trancing to Warp grooves. Warp Records creates what the name implies, warped sounds. Real cool.

CIRCLES (ROUND AND ROUND) by John & Julie / XL Records.
For those of you who are losing patience with +/-99 sample, don't worry. It's not in here. Instead you'll find extremely original and memorable hard techno bug-out samples. The name ''John & Julie'' is sort of bizarre and tends to downplay the track. Just play it loud, no excuses. XL Records has put itself on the A-list of record labels with this gem.

OUTLANDER by E.P. / R&S Records.
This is a perfect record for virgin Techno fans. It includes a variety of tracks, some hard, some soft and even a house-style techno track (Vamp.)

ACID OVERDOSE by Peace of Mind / Atmosphere Records.
In a blizzard of heavy techno tracks, this record stands out, true to techno's predecessor, Acid-hose. With a mind-warp of heave trance, mixed with the coolest ''Wizard of Oz'' sample, Damon Wild and Ray Love have given us quite a dose become involved on a different level. This the creation of N-JOI. This group's mainstream hit ''Anthem'', was released in October of last year to skeptical audience. After a few months, they re-released it and it rost to the top of the charts. N-JOI's other hits, ''Rhythm Stick'', ''Malfunction'', and ''Adrenalin'' are heavy-hitting NYC techno-hits whidh constitute the real core of N-JOI's sound; grizzly, snarling, acidic growls over a throbbing beat.
N-JOI's favourite? ''Rave the Rhythm'' by Channel, ''My Sound'', by Joey Beltram, ''Stratosphere'' by The Destroyer Wisdom.

SHOCK THE BEAT by Electric Circus / Hi-Tech Music
Hi-Tech Music comes to us from our friends in Italy. The only Italian label i've encountered that rarely uses tired, obvious piano samples...blech!!! Instead, they brilliantly come up with alternatives, such as electric twangs. Electric Choc offers two different mixes of ''Shock to the Beat''. The first ''Quadrant Mix'' throbs with energy, changing constantly and keeping dancers wonderfully happy. The second ''Trend Mix'' sounds nothing like the first but again, oh so cool.

MAMA'S KICK by All in One / Midtown Records.
This is the second LP from All in One, and it is altogether exeptional. A little more spacey and freaky than their earlier release ''Precious Silence''.

SUBSYSTEM I AND II / Atom Records.
Atom is a new label out of Belgium. Subsystem I features ''Subhouse'', a sing-along techno track, slightly common in its samples, but nonetheless very danceable. Subsystem II comes from beyond. ''Jupiter'', a far-out, groovy, hard, yet still mellow track is brilliant. Let's go Atom Records!! On with the techno.lution!! Don't forget to chech out ''Celeste'' on the B-side, it speaks for itself.

THE WILD REPORT by Damon Wild of Northcott Productions / Atmosphere Records
1. ''Horsepower / Mindwar '' Rave Signal III (R&S)
2. ''Riot EP'' Underground Resistance (Retroactive)
3. ''James Brown is Dead'' L.A. Style (Decadence)
4. ''Platform One EP'' Various Artists (Freaky)
5. ''NB Battle Track'' Steve Poindexter (Trax)
6. ''Return to the 303'' Peace of Mind (Atmosphere)
7. ''F.U.S.E.'' F.U. (+8 Records)
8. ''Mentos Remix'' Second Phase (R&S)
9. ''Panic'' Disorder (Rhythmatic Rage)
10. ''Ooh Shit!'' UK (White Label)

''Queer'' The Wolfgang Press 4AD Records [U.K.]
Since music is forever changing and comes in all forms, the future always promises something new. The future has arrived for at least one band, The Wolfgang Press.
The members of this band are in no way novice music makers. Togheter for over a decade, they've emerged from the depths of South London every couple of years with something innovative and new. Their latest effort comes to us in the form of a challenging and imaginative new album, ''Queer''.
''Change is one thing that keeps us going'', says vocalist Mick Allen. ''It is the source of our energies''. Forever changing, The Wolfgang Press do it well, with over eleven records released in their discography. Despite their decade of powerful record-making TWGP have somehow sidestepped fame. ''We were never interested in fame,'' says Mick ''we didn't have a plan of how we wanted things to happen. Now that we are a bit more together with a record we are really pleased with, perhaps we will be famous after all''.
Well, as the future approaches, maybe fame will come... or maybe it's already here. After all, they are being featured in the worlds coolest magazine. ''Queer'' is out now and is really woth checking out.

Until the fall of 1990 CYBERSONIK existed as an industrial concept under the guidance of Dan Bell. Dan then teamed up with Ritchie Hawtin and John Acquaviva of +8 Records to form CYBERSONIK as we know it today. With the release of their highly imaginative and contagious first single ''Technarchy'' they immediatley took Europe by storm. The single hit the top 75 Music Week Chart [Record Mirror] in the U.K. and was at the top or near the top of almost every underground chart in Europe and the U.S.
With a second very exciting and succesfull single, ''Backlash'' and two more cuts on the +8 compilation E.P. ''From our minds to yours'', CYBERSONIK have risen to the forefront of the techno scene.
CYBERSONIK's live show and line up now consists of Dan Bell and Ritchie Hawtin. Their first show was a sellout to 3000 in Rotterdam, Hollan and they are primed for more.

1. ''F-14'' F-14
2. ''Drums of Passion'' Discharge
3. ''Water Paradox'' MUM
4. ''Shock Me'' The XYZ
5. ''The Head EP'' The Dub Collective
6. ''F.U.S.E.'' F.U. +8 Records Compilation
7. ''The Savage'' Tronic House
8. ''Exposure to Little Electronic Noise'' Mike Lucas
9. ''Sudden Death'' AEK
10. ''Way Form'' Industrial Mix Records EP

He's got a sound that's breaking new ground. It's a driving energy that has people going crazy; a trance sound that will hypnotize you and a peaceful sound all thrown together by one producer. It's all the uncompromising techno-house of Moby. Since the December '90 release of the ''Mobility'' EP, Moby has been caught up in a whirlwind of new releases. ''GO'', ''Vodoo Child'', ''Brainstorm'' and ''Barracuda'' have since been released and greeted with rave reviews and international liscencing. Moby latest release, ''Drug Fits the Face'' is currently topping the techno charts. Moby has no room for an ego taking away from his talent. ''It's dangerous when you talk to people and all they wanna talk about is themselves'', he says. ''You start to like it, but I make a real, conscious effort to stop it. Too many people let their egos get carried away. That can just ruin your career''.
So is Moby a purist to the underground scene? ''Well, I try...I'm in the scene for the love of music. If I was using it as a way to make money, then I'm doing a terrible job.'''


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