sabato 14 settembre 2013


two scans from fashion magazine...
TERESA ORLOWSKI's TOP TEN (from i-D n.90 1991)
1. Front 242 'Tragedy for You'
2. Revolting Cocks 'Beers, Steers, Queers'
3. KMFDM 'Godlike'
4. Die Warzau 'Land of the Free'
5. Meat Beat Manifesto 'Psyche Out'
6. Hoodlum Priest 'Rock Drill'
7. Consolidated 'Disfunktional Relationship'
8. Nitzer Ebb 'Warsaw Ghetto'
9. Frontline Assembly 'Iceolate'
10.Eon 'Spice'

nice selection!

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