venerdì 13 settembre 2013


Today listening: 
The Hypnotist - Night Of The Livin' E Heads (cd 1992) ...quite nice UK techno-rave, and ''Death by Dub (Remix)'' it's an amazing agreppo techno track...
Church of Extacy - Technohead (cd 1993) ...this is one of my favorite techno-gabba album. Every tracks is a standout here...C.O.E. background as Greater Than One, an artistic-industrial combo...and their future releases as Technohead.....wooo...and then best Gabba-soundz on Mokum as Saalami Brothers...!!! An UK duo that do Gabba stuff better than Netherlands! Crazy! ...I can't stop to listening ''Who Is Jesus''....and ''Kiddie Mix'' brings back a lot of good memory of gabba-pillz-rawtimes.

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