venerdì 13 gennaio 2012

A9 post

vinyls bought today:
B52's ''wild planet'' (lp 1982 island ilps 19622 italian version) - their 2nd album after an unbeatable first masterpiece...the sounds you know is pretty the to the party..'give me back my man' and 'private idaho' the best here...
Devo ''shout'' (lp 1984 warner bros 92 5097 italian version)..i really can't understand why people doesn't like this record...i think it's cool and i like it a lot...devo-esque synth-rock, post-modernism and d-evolution.
Cat Rapes Dog ''the banzai beats'' (lp 1991 KK records KK 064 belgium)  this svensk EBM band is tremendous!!! 'maximum overdrive' is the angriest ebm records ever...this 'banzai beats' is influenced a bit by the house stuff...still got however some great heavy ebm beat!
HET ''let's het''(lp 1983 woof)...weirdo London outfit..tons of percussive primitive instruments for a bizzarre records in a residents-ial and avant-prog way...totally in love with this crazy gems!
also i get Kind of Cthuluh ''Who am'i?'' but i haven't listened yet....but it got an Amazing package and artwork!

i would also say...hate the world hate to live

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  1. quel singoletto lì dei Kind of Cthulhu mi interessa non poco ...