lunedì 2 gennaio 2012

A4 post

kindly donated by ITALIANO RAGAZZO INDUSTRIALE ..two nice collages ..
runes + punk + utopian architecture = I.R.I.
today i'm wearing: black americanino trousers, black t-shirt with white-insects stenciled by me, and a black 80s sweater with to big triangles (one bordeaux, one dark green) and a car ...
my playlist in this right moment:
Irratics - Tango (taken from their only 12'') swiss synth-pop band..
Elano B - Too Late (taken from their single 'Diane) Luton, uk, post-punk tingled new wave
MEX - the happy egg (taken from their Alternative Pop Music tape) london minimal-synth with blend guitar..quite amusing
Stepping Talk - Alice in Sunderland (from their Stepping Talk ep) another london outfit, with a charming wave rioesque and baroque..
Beat Necessity - Just Fine (from the aavv  The Simple Approach to Newtown) scotland downtempo diy punk with a melanchonic attitude

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