sabato 7 gennaio 2012

A7 post

''i can't stand anymore the mediocrity of people that forms the so called 'society' which i totally deny and reject. 1 people is alone in an unique world, 2 people are a couple or an alleance, 3 people are a punk band or a social gathering. More people that shares the same interests / tastes is a fashion. It's also an alternative society that got the same way of thinking of the big 'Society'. Don't feed society! Don't buy their stuff! ...''
(from ''Italiano Ragazzo Industriale: instruction for Final Solution'')

today my stuff grown my room is full...
some new wave vinyls (including one newbeat record: TABOO 'into the sun')
a book about Gestapo with a black jews leather sleeve..
and a pair of sunglasses with blue glass ..with the shape of a rad NBK ...

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