lunedì 26 marzo 2012


i really don't know why i didn't accross before to this wonderful collection of a magical band: Severed Heads 'BULKHEAD'. You could find an energetic mix of electro-industrial..but always in an experimental and unconventional way..a sort of Art of Noise + Yello mash-up. The music is amazing but they also did produce some ASTONISHING videoclip with a lot of early computer graphics...(just click the stills).
yesterday find:
armageddon dildos - nevermind (12'' 1990 zoth ommog)
tribe 22 - aciiid new beat (12'' 1988 kaos records)
pop will eat itself - box frenzy (lp 1986 chap 22)
art interface - big (lp 1986 if)

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