sabato 24 marzo 2012


guys today i'm totally out of the spot.
i'm on a great 90s hype! the last cds bought:
PSYKOSONIK - st (cd 1993 TVT) ..yeah this is great! i love it a lot! even if it is a little bit cheesy! four american guys acting like they belong to the uk rave scene, tons of mentasm synths, euro-techno (stuff like James Brown is dead or Technotronic), in a weird cyber-drugs salsa. US techno-industrial...TEKNOJIHAD! --> genius!
DIE WARZAU - big electric (cd 1992 fiction) ..this is pretty cool! die warzau were american too, but they are much more on the ebm-side, they've got some techno flicks but not in the 'Psykosonik' way...not at all! the synths here are much more on the deutschland way...lot of blip blip, or maybe in the first belgian electro body music way...much more funky! Not a must-have but a really nice one!.
GRAVITY KILLS - st (cd 1996 TVT) some industrial-rock with that alternative 90s vibe? yeah this is it....
bored of writing.

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