mercoledì 3 agosto 2011

7th post

Today I spent a lot of time searching in the web scanned pics or photo of the BOY London, clothing brand.
In the official site you could find some history...and stuff to buy...
Just to name something was (and still is) run by Stephane Raynor, were involved people such Steve Strange (Visage), Vivienne Westwood (Seditionaries), Boy George (Culture Club), batcave band Specimen and the stuff was worn from Andy Warhol to Pet Shop Boys...

Early stuff...during punk days..this was taken from the Blackmail Catalogue
The NIGEL Shirt

another promo pic for early punk stuff...
awesome the Throbbing Gristle's Memorial Society (Gary Gilmore) T-Shirt!
and also she's wearing Stiped Pants and Wraparound Shades.
These were before the BOY eagle logo...
and later.. 
BOY eagle long-sleeve and BOY hat..rad!

the Eagle Catsuit is a top Notch! this was problably from mid 80s...86 or 87

What i like about the of course the main logo...the nazi eagle that hold BOY ...with that classic, evergreen anthem nazi reference as punk provocative style.
Also I pretty love that this brand born in the punk era, represent it, and change though the ages. During the late 80s BOY became an acid house essential hit. This is what i would like to say to everybody out there...punk was revolution..wasn't a fucking statement...punk is a mutant that changes every times...don't focus in the guitar style...punk is the attitude..acid house was the punk revolution during 88...probably...but for sure still playing punk stuff in 1988 wasn't revolutionary anymore of course....

find of the day:
Soul Hunter - Cain's Sign (12'' Ep 1985 Contempo, Coloured Vinyl ltd. 300 copies)
Italian post-punk band, from Florence founded by Vannini, the first singer of band Diaframma.
Nice ep...and it's nicest cos i've paid it only 2 fookin euros...

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