venerdì 12 agosto 2011

16th post

oregon t-shirt by Alore
Acid Wash Levi's Jeans
Dr. Martens boots

song of the day:
DEATH IN JUNE - BLACK RADIO ...killer hit! really underrated DIJ as a post-punk band...only the folk stuff...but dudes....they did some real kick-ass funky post-punky songs!
movie of the day:
GO FISH - rose troche 1994 US
lesbian black&white indie movie- Kinda of Clerks lesbo themed...really nice, really 90s style. it got style!
music bought: aavv. this is !HYPE cd 1992
collection of songs released through !HYPE records. Mostly euro-techno from Germany..90-91...some nice New Beat (or it's better to say Schizo, the later evolution of new beat..more techno oriented) tunes and some Acid lines.

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