martedì 7 gennaio 2014

Aris Papoulis

 Aris Papoulis is a xerox/collage project run by Gabriele Longega, member of the art-collective Persuasion Einsatzgruppe, from Italy.

The collage works is characterized by using black&white xerox, recycled images and photos.
Most of the subject are beautiful pattern of landscape and nature in opposition with dead body or police brutality, reflecting the mistrust of the author in contemporary society, humanity and life in general.

Aris Papoulis - Untitled
collag, xerox, 10x15 cm
For the exhibition ‘Im Sterben liegen’ curated by Persuasion, june 2013, Venice, Italy
 Aris Papoulis - Oberfranken #1
dec 2013, collage, xerox, A5

 Aris Papoulis - Untitled (while listening Grey Wolves)
dec 2013, collage, xerox, size A4

 Aris Papoulis - Untitled (check under the surface)
dec 2013, xerox, collage, size A4

 Aris Papoulis - Untitled (nature)
dec 2013, xerox, paper, collage, size A4

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