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Final Solution was an organisation that promoted post-punk concert in Great Britain from 1978 till 1984.
It was held by Colin Faver, Kevin Millins and Sharon, and involves the best and the greatest post-punk and new wave bands of that time. The gigs had marvellous line-up increased by an amazing graphic-taste for flyers and posters.

"DJ Colin Faver’s first involvement with music came when his friend offered him a part time job in a record shop, Small Wonder Records. He became a big fan of the punk and new wave music the shop specialized in and began to look for new acts to sign up and release on the newly formed Small Wonder record label. Colin also designed and produced label & sleeve artwork for many of the fifty odd releases. After meeting many of the leading bands involved in the scene, Colin decided to promote his own concerts and club nights. With partner Kevin Millins he started a company Final Solution for this purpose. Their different approach to the business and creative selection of venues and line-ups gained them a great reputation in the industry. JOY DIVISION, NEW ORDER, CABARET VOLTAIRE, THROBBING GRISTLE, BAUHAUS, THE BIRTHDAY PARTY, ECHO & THE BUNNYMEN and CULTURE CLUB are just a few of the many acts he worked with."
[from Fantazia Rave Archive]

''Final Solution Music Limited was incorporated on 07 May 1980. The company's status is listed as "Dissolved"and it had 2 at the time it closed. Final Solution Music Limited does not have any child companies.''
[from here]

''Before setting off on the tour Robert and Daniel played a single night at the Cryptic One Club under Trinity Church, Bishops Bridge Road, Paddington, along with Metabolist, Cabaret Voltaire and Throbbing Gristle. This was one of many great nights organised in unusual venues by the gig promoters 'Final Solution' - or Colin Faver (who worked in Small Wonder Records in Walthamstow, London) and Kevin Millins - who deserve credit for the role they played. Colin subsequently became a DJ on the rave scene. By the way Colin, if you ever read this, you still have my copy of the 1st Annual Report by Throbbing Gristle (on cassette) - 30 years is a long loan!'''
[from keith neuro blog]

''Indeed the expanded Skidoo were coming on in leaps and bounds, their influences ranging from The Pop Group, Parliament and Fela Kuti to Can, Eno and This Heat. Having impressed Colin Faver of London promoters Final Solution, the precocious sextet played several high-profile shows, including the University of London Union with The Associates, The Sound and Repetition on 30 January 1981, and North London Polytechnic with A Certain Ratio and Bush Tetras on 27 March. '''
[from 23 skidoo]

''Back in 1979 when the Teardrops and Bunnymen played lots of London area shows for Final Solution, Kevin Millins’ underground promotion company, the bills often featured Scritti Politti along with A Certain Ratio, Joy Division, Orchestral Manoeuvres, etc. ''
[from here]

A selection of flyer, poster:
The Pop Group + Exodus + The Good Missionaries 18th july 1979 at The Notre Dame Hall, Leicester
Joy Division + Scritti Politti + Monochrome Set + A Certain Ratio 31st august 1979 at Electric Ballroom, London
The Boys + Psychedelics Furs + The Mo-dettes + The Kameras 14 sept 1979 at Electric Ballroom, London
 The Fall + Scritti Politti + Metodisch Tune 15th sept at Prince of Wales Coference Centre
Cabaret Voltaire + The Passage + The Tiller Boys 27th oct 1979 at the YMCA, London
The Pop Group + Scritti Politti + D.A.F. 16th nov. 1979 at University of London Union

 This Heat+ Throbbing Gristle 21st dec 1980 at Scala Cinema

Joy Division + Killing Joke + Section 25 + The Smirks 8th feb 1980 at U.L.U., London

Monte Cazazza + The Leather Nun + Throbbing Gristle 29th feb 1980 at Scala Cinema
The Fall + Patrik Fitzgerald Band + Passions + Modern Eon 17th april 1980 at Electric Ballroom
A Certain Ratio + Section 25 + Durutti Culumn + Kevin Hewick 25th april 1980 at Scala Cinema

Magazine + Bauhaus + D.A.F. + The Last Dance 1st may 1980 at Lyceum

Bauhaus + Tuxedomoon + Mass 31st oct 1980 at U.L.U., London

A Certain Ratio + Medium Medium + This Heat 21st nov 1980 at U.L.U., London
New Order + Section 25 + Stockholm Monsters 9th febr 1981 at Heaven Club, London
Bauhaus + Clock DVA + Torso 30th march 1981 at Heaven Club, London
Theatre of Hate + Modern English + The Birthday Party 1st may 1981 at U.L.U., London
Cabaret Voltaire + Fad Gadget + Clock DVA + Truth Club 9th may 1981 at U.L.U., London
The Plastics + Tuxedomoon + This Heat + The Event Group + Anni Anxiety 18th may 1981 at Heaven Club, London
Stimulin + The Higsons + The White Bros 12th oct 1983 at The Arches, Villiers
A Certain Ratio + Maximum Joy + Medium Medium 18th feb 1983 at Lyceum

Bow Wow Wow 22nd march 1983 at Empire Ballroom, Leicester
New Order + 52nd Street + Send No Flowers 25th May 1982 at National Ballroom
Spear of Destiny + Kowalski + Gene Loves Jezabel 5th may 1983 at Lyceum
Psychic TV + Monte Cazazza + films & videos by Derek Jarman + Cerith Wyn Evans 23rd dec 1984 at The Arches, Villiers

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