giovedì 29 dicembre 2011

13th post / part 2

This is the second part about the Experimental Side of UK Anarchopunk scene during early 80s...
Maybe there could be in a future a third part...there was tones of bands and some are still undiscovered...a lot of demo tapes and limited self-released stuff...
The band in the picture was the VEX from London, they released one demotape in 83 and later they recorded one EP for the Conflict's label: Fight Back..the sounds was amazing..tribal-punk in the vein of Killing Joke and more evocative...remaining on Fight Back you could also find Arch Criminals for a conventional goth rock ep...One great anarchopunk band with a clear post-punk blend were Cold War, from London too, their discography is comprensive of 3 tapes (which 1 is live) that show a great primitive post-punk sounds, minimal and one single released on the diy label Namedrop.. Cold War plus other Namedrop acts featured on the New Criminals compilations tapes..released by the New Crimes fanzine (Grahm Burnett's publications ..) that featured some anarchopunks acts along some diy/post-punk bands (like 86 Mix, Stripey Zebras, The Get, Twelve Cubic Feet and Cold War).
To add one minimal-synth duo in the anarchopunk scene i must mention The Committee, their stuff was amazing from 81 till 83 they released 3 demotapes...the sound inevitably changed from a cold minimal-synth to a more funny minimal-wave arrive on their first and only ep with an original wave/post-punk stuff...higly reccomended of the No Defences, a female fronted band that didn't released officially a lot but you could find some bootlegs and also one ep never released for the Crass Records..this band had got a lot of potential, great goth with female voice like Siouxsie stuff....more acid and tribal.. 
Another band i din't mention yet that perfectly fixed with the others ..we're Part 1..they're first demotape is a nice example of dark-punk, very esoteric and sick...

see you for part 3

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