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80s spot with guys in 'PANINARO' italian style



TOXIC SHOCK -just another day 1985

i'm gonna erase my ipod this is what i was listening..
a guy called gerald - hot lemonade (cd 1988 rham)
even if acid house is not your favourite genre you should listen this album. It's fullfilled with synth-pop, electro and hip-house glances. After the Voodoo-ray Ep this is a real top notch release.
cabaret voltaire - crackdown (cd 1985 virgin)
i usually like c.v. but i'm able to find something that i like very much, 'nag nag ' of course is their peak, but what'else? At the end i believe this is their best album. Very electro, very groovy and danceable but also got good post-punk and industrial moments.
click click - wet skin and curious eyes (cd 1987 ld)
yea. 'Sweet stuff' is probably one of my fav song eva. A perfect mind-blowing mix beetween post-punk, industrial and groovy electro, soo fukin funky! This compilation of songs has a good varied of style, from very 'funky-alternative' industrial beat beat to some gloomy post-punk stuff. Underrated band.
colourbox - st (cd 1986 4ad)
i didn't listen too much this album. I stopped myself on the second track 'just give 'em whiskey' ...unbelievable catchy synthpop with that aggressive industrial and post-punk touch and tons of samples. The rest? female synth-pop...pretty disco...what's happened?
new order - substance (cd 1987)
totally love new order...they are so disco and so gay! However didn't like too much this comp...don't understand why so many tracks repeat in different mix ok..but why? i prefer to listen the singles separatly...this comp seems like the tracks were putted togheter without any sense..
front 242 - 06:21:03:11 up evil (cd 1993 red rhino)
one of front 242 late releases. Lot of guitar samples and the rhythm is less ebm and more in the industrial funky way. However...nice
hoodlum priest - heart of darkness (cd 1990 ztt)
this release is very funny or depends... heavy industrial funky beat with hip-hop rapping or something wannabe... the 90s begin...
meat beat manifesto - 99% (cd 1990 elektra)
ok another hiphop mixed with heavy industrial beat ..but hey cmon this is little different..they got class. they got groove ..they are totally funky ...'Dogstar man' rock the fuckin hell. If you listen this album and don't shake your ass...go and kill yourself please. These are the 90s!!!! album ..perfect
my life with the thrill kill kult - confessions of a knife (cd 1990 wax trax)
this album is another manifesto of 90s industrial...every track here is a killer! danceable, catchy but still heavy and hard as the worst industrial stuff. Some nice influences by the new techno and hip-house scene.
public image ltd - 9 (cd 1989)
slighty different..but not that much..this is when the PIL goes dance and influenced too by house alternative dance scene ...('warrior', 'armada', 'like that'....good examples), however PIL are maybe one of the most underrated post-punk band...they made only good albums. They got groove on every fuckin song..
va - industrial hazard (3xcd 1998 dressed to kill)
this box is amazing! i paid for it only 5 euros...nuts...the artwork is cool and the comp reassemble stuff from the legendary cult 'Funky alternatives' series... not a good day...i've bought two pairs of vans 80s stock...
one bermuda CREEKS surf...can't find any info about...

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